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Educators Classroom Kit

Bring alive the relevance of Washington’s Letter!

Our free Educators Classroom Kit uses the Letter to help teachers and students explore concepts of freedom of religion, liberty of conscience and separation of church and state.

Key Concepts

Click on the topics below to learn how Washington’s Letter pertains to key concepts of U.S. history and American government.

Learning Modules

The following three learning modules allow teachers and students to explore the history of religious freedom through Washington’s letter, its relationship to the First Amendment, and the difference between religious freedom and religious tolerance.

All modules meet curriculum standards of the National Council for the Social Studies.

Understanding the Letter
The First Amendment
Toleration vs. Religious Freedom

Reading the Letter in Your School

There are so many ways that you can incorporate study of George Washington’s letter into your curriculum. What about an open discussion about freedom of religion or separation of church and state? You might organize an essay contest or arrange a meeting with a local elected official? Or have the students prepare a debate on any of the key concepts presented here. These are just a few ideas.

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Reading the letter in your school
Reading the Letter in Your School